Counter Strike 1.6Counter-Strike 1.6 Clean

counter-strike 1.6 clean

We present you the Counter-Strike 1.6 Clean Edition with bots. This CS 1.6 Clean game version is suitable for weak PCs, as there are no extra resources. This is the original pure version of the game, without modification, but with client protection, classic weapons and models, and extra security for your cs 1.6 client. The game retained the English voice acting of the radio commands of the bots. High-quality protection of the game client is one of the reasons to download counter-strike 1.6 clean edition.

There are two teams in the game; it will be possible to play as Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists. The task of the terrorists is to plant a bomb and blow up the object, and the counter-terrorists will have to interfere with the mining or clear the already planted bomb. A decent "search for servers" with various maps will help you find a quality server . Downloading the game will only take a couple of minutes. You can download Counter Strike 1.6 clean via a direct link or via a torrent from our website

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counter strike 1.6counter strike 1.6 cleanCounter-Strike Clean Edition