CS 1.6CS 1.6 Original

CS 1.6 download.

CS 1.6 Original download free from our website counter-strike-download.net.This is version of Counter-Strike in English, which does not contain any additional mods, but is fully compatible with them.

The game has original weapons and models, and it includes the latest CS 1.6 bots and configs for better gameplay with no lag and high frame rates. You can play Counter-Strike 1.6 online on servers or offline with bots on any map, including non-standard ones downloaded from the Internet.

It has low system requirements, which even old computers meet, and it works on all versions of Windows. There is no plot in the game, but there is a confrontation between two factions. The commandos are trying to defuse the bomb and rescue the hostages, while the terrorists are trying to destroy the strategic facility and capture the targets. We suggest downloading CS 1.6 original, in which there are no unnecessary modifications and additions.  This is exactly the counter-strike that was originally conceived by the developers 20 years ago. Even the youngest gamers will be able to install the game on their PC without any problems: you just need to run the installer, decide on the desired folder to which the CS will go, and click the "Install" button. Download CS 1.6 Original now from our website and have fun.